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Up-Lighting & Custom Decoration Service - Lotus Production

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At Lotus Production Up-Lighting & Custom decoration service we pride ourselves on the quality and creativity of our work. We specialize in custom event lighting for special occasions such as Weddings and corporate events. Whether our clients prefer a classy, elegant or impulsive atmosphere, they rave about our work and come back to us for project after project. Our exceptional reputation comes from our dedication to your affair, our attention to fine detail and our need to perpetually offer more than promised. Our goal is to supply professional and creative lighting services for you, your guests and clients. Please allow us to understand what you have in mind for your lighting and we will do the rest for you.
We Provide Party lightings, stage lightings, tent lightings, rope lightings,Wedding led lighting and lighting rentals in Washington DC, Maryland , Virginia and Delaware areas . 

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Washington, D.C./VA Wedding Photographers Best Wedding Photographers In Virginia VA

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Lotus Production Complete Wedding and Event Services are the recommended photographer at very prestigious places, you should visit our website and see why we are the recommended Virginia VA Photographer.
Virginia Wedding Photography VA
The brand of photography that you can expect should you select Lotus Production as your Virginia wedding photography studio is traditional and contemporary, as well as photo journalistic. Lotus Production offers a range of styles of B&W photography as well. The photos here are standard black and white, sephia tone, as well as black and white with colored in flowers. We will help you design your wedding photos into an album that you will cherish for years. The wedding photographers in Virginia VA at Lotus production have a large amount of wedding photography packages to decide from. You could choose something small or select a total ensemble that includes everything. If you want the most elite wedding photography service in Virginia VA can settle on a package for you. 
Wedding Photographers Virginia
When it gets narrowed down to the best wedding photographers in Virginia, VA and their level of professionalism, the Virginia wedding photography professionals at Lotus Production create dynamic images. There is no question as to why they are the recommended Virginia VA photography company.
Best Wedding Photographers Virginia VA
In order to be established as one of the top-notch event photographers in Virginia VA, that means that the company has to excel at being the best photographer in Virginia. This also means that Lotus Production must have an amazing stable of professional wedding photographers in Virginia VA on its staff. Each and every one of our brides enjoy their reception and cocktail hour. Lotus Production Studio photographers do not pull out the newly weds for wedding photos during their reception. They are the recommended photographer at very prestigious places, you should visit their blog and see why they are the recommended Virginia VA photography company.
Wedding and Event Photographers Virginia VA
If you are searching for Virginia VA photography for a wedding, gathering, and also corporate event then look into Lotus Production. Virginia VA photography services are executed superbly by this company and that is certainly why they are your recommended Virginia VA photographer.

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Wedding Flower Decorations - Wedding Planning - Flower Decor

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Wedding Planning - Flower decor

Planning the perfect wedding flower decor is the best way is to download and see what works. There are no rules in decorating your wedding flowers. It's all about the couple, especially the bride, what he wants or needs, and whether it cost?

Whenever you are wishing to research the most striking images of flowers can be created to match any budget in practically. Use fresh flowers silk flowers arrangement that can work on their wedding day planning of your wedding flower decoration should be full of fun.

Flower Decor Ideas

To help you get more ideas that you would not have thought to include the bride's side and help you to have their own responsibilities, right? Start planning your wedding flower decoration and before the wedding. 6 months or one year ahead is the best time to start preparing.

Brides Wedding Flower Decorations always wanted to be supplemented in accordance with their wedding theme and colors of wedding days. Accordingly, please note that the choice of choosing your flowers for wedding dress. Bridal magazines and books, pictures of beautiful wedding flowers and wedding dresses is a good place to find more ideas.

Choosing your Wedding Flowers, try to choose the types of flowers, the season of your wedding day. Using the flowers of the season you are still in the budget and there is no concern about the availability of flowers.

After the wedding bouquets and boutonnieres party, you also have Wedding Flower Decorations for the ceremony and reception. At the wedding ceremony, the places that should be borne in mind is a bow floral decorations for benches (change once). And the wedding reception, decorations for the head table, cake table, gift table and guest table (floral centerpieces). Undoubtedly, it will increase costs, but also is where you can really be creative.

Saving tips can be used in floral bouquets as part of the decorations for your wedding tables. Because when the official photos are taken, does not seem to many people these bouquets of flowers and walking around. To reduce costs, which can be used in candles, balloons and centerpieces because they are not expensive?

Not even a good craft, you still can not make their bows PEW. This fun and of course, you can save money. Using the baby's breath, tulle and greenery as fillers can reduce the amounts of flowers that you need the procedure.

As you know, it's all in your planning. If you have thought through and is the ideal picture of wedding flower decor, find a good florist to do everything you have planned to reality.

Wedding Florist Virginia, Wedding Florist Maryland, Wedding Florist DC, Flower Decor VA, Wedding Decorations MD, Wedding Flowers Washington

Wedding Bouquet Flowers for Happily Ever After - Wedding Flower Ideas

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Flowers in different forms can also be used optimally, such as fresh flowers, dried flowers, silk flowers, handmade flowers, or paper flowers. The idea behind it is, flowers should not lose their identity in any form so that their beauty and its etiquettes are truly maintained and enhanced in all forms.

The thought process behind a Wedding Photographer bouquet, is always to keep it simple and at the same time quiet endorsing. To be on the safer side the flowers can be categorised according to the season in which the wedding is taking place. Suppose if the wedding is taking place, in summer season then go for flowers like marigolds, casual and colourful zenias, frisky white lilies, and sunshine daffodils. These flowers can be used as wrapped in a bunch with ribbons, crinkled paper, dried flowers and some wild flowers. The purpose is that the bouquet does not gets over crowded or the charm of the flowers gets hampered. In winters roses give the best option for all kind of weddings. Pink and white roses covered with white ribbons and pearls make any wedding priceless to remember. 

Wedding Florist

Theme weddings give all the options to explore all options of the flowers vividly. In a Hawaiian wedding, bouquets can be made from grass, orchids, wild flowers, makena, aloha nui etc. And on the other hand in an American themed wedding we can use flowers like Allium, Anemone, Amaryllis, Bouvardia etc. One can compliment these flowers with various accessories, like pearls, diamonds, broaches, ferns, dried leaves etc.

Flower bouquets also can also cost much on your pocket, so one can choose from the most exotic flowers like: Casablanca Lily, Gardenia, Hydrangea, Lily, Lisianthus, Orchid, Peony, Rose, Stephanotis, or Tulips.

If we want economical and pocket friendly options, we can go in for the following varieties of flowers- roses, garden lilies, carnations, hydrangea, marigold, dahlia, petunia etc. Theses verities can be beautified by using some wild verities of flowers and paper, ferns, nets, nylons, ribbons and silks.

We can also bridal bouquets by using silk flowers, fake flowers and handmade flowers depending upon the demand and the supply. Apart from the bride's bouquet, the bride's maid bouquet can consist of pomanders, also called flower balls, which consists of a ball of flowers, finished with an elegant ribbon, which makes it easy to hold. A basket full of flowers and petals is also an economic option for the bride's maids.

Thus, flowers enhance the glory and aura of any wedding and enlighten the spirits of not only the bride but also spreads happiness to all the family and friends creating a "Happily Ever After".

Local Wedding Ceremony Photography - Wedding Photographers Virginia VA

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Complete Wedding and Event Services

Putting on a Veil

Wearing a veil can make you really feel special and is typically one particular factor of the bridal gown that the bride has constantly looked ahead to. But typically the bride has not worn a single since she was a tiny woman and it can occur as a bit of a shock that this mild bodyweight material when worn on the head weighs so significantly. So put one on and apply sporting it, you may experience a bit foolish with your sneakers inside your outdated tights and a veil on your head, but it will support on the day.

Pick a creamy white or ivory gown so that it doesn't create glare when photographed. It is also kinder to the skin tones then a harsh brilliant white wedding ceremony dress.

Wedding ceremony Make-up

A very good cleansing routine will support keep generate a very good complexion. This will make the make-up artist's career a lot easier as nicely as assisting you appear the ideal you can when carrying out the marriage ceremony day make-up.

Clean, shaped eyebrows generate a wider appearance to the eye. This seems better in the pictures and you look relaxed and clean. Do not comply with make up trends for your bridal make up. Stick to a classic look and your photographs will not look dated in decades to occur.

Currently being Prepared For Your Images 

When strolling up the aisle, appearance up at your guests and your fianc??. Smile and they will smile back at you the temptation is to appearance at the floor, but this will spoil the appear of the images.

Just before the official wedding photographs shake out your arms and unwind. Gently area them on your hip or bouquet so that they look stunning.

When you have your Wedding Photographs taken, really don't stand 'square on' but stand at an angle to the digital camera with one foot a bit in front of the other, if your ft are together you will search flat and stiff. Standing square on is unflattering because it is not the way we the natural way stand when conversing to 1 another. Face on is in fact an aggressive stance, but in social interaction we are much more most likely to stand at a slight angle to each and every other. Don't preserve the two arms totally straight, bend one particular or equally to create area in between the arm and entire body and relaxation most of your weight on 1 foot or the other. This seems to be less posed and offers a slight slimming impact in the final picture and don't forget to focus on the digicam not on your friends and household calling your title.

Have Exciting, It's Your Day

Emphasis on what you want to take place on your marriage ceremony day the exciting and the joy not what you really don't want to occur there may possibly be the odd hiccup but just depart them to the best gentleman and Brides Maids to kind out. That is their accurate position at a marriage ceremony, but do tell them what they are expected to do ahead of the big day.

Perfection does not exist so end striving for the best wedding.

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Wonderful Wedding Photography Areas About Philadelphia

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Use Flash Creatively
When working with flash, use it creatively by taking the flash away from the hot shoe of the camera. Lastolite make a selection of products which are suitable for the tiny flash guns.

nine. Constantly Be A single Phase Ahead Of The Game
I usually preserve the following info with me at all times:

- Timetable of the day: Whats occurring when
- Names of the bridal get together i.e dad and mom, best man, ushers, bridesmaids, etc
- Emergency Phone Numbers
- Household group shot listing
- The handle of the venues i.e in which the bride is finding all set, church, reception venue

10. The Couple Must Devote Much more Time...with their loved ones and not with the photographer. Really don't keep them away from everyone for a prolonged time. About 15-20 minutes to do the few shots is a lot more than adequate and potentially yet another 15 minutes or so late in the night.

If you are just finding commenced in your photography home business, I'd like to share Five Impressive Profit Making Techniques with you to assist you obtain results in your company. If you are a seasoned photographer some of this could possibly be helpful to you as well.  

one. The Wedding Rehearsal:

Make sure you are invited. Even though you've possibly been to a couple of weddings, just about every wedding ceremony is distinctive. The wedding ceremony rehearsal is usually held in the evening ahead of the wedding ceremony. What occurs at the wedding ceremony rehearsal? They are guided by way of the wedding ceremony ceremony by an officiate. Continue to keep a low profile and observe.This will assistance you discover everyone's part, meet the guests, and give you good sense of the dynamics of the persons involved.  

two. Make a record:

Before the ceremony spend loads of time with each household. Get to know the households and establish a rapport. Discover out precisely what they want and compose it on your checklist. Also get acquainted with acquaintances of each and every relatives. Make a checklist of all requests, taking into consideration your time component and the value of processing. Make guaranteed this is all spelled out in the contract. Your record really should include every thing from the pre-ceremony pictures, the flowers, to the wedding ceremony, to the publish ceremony, and events after the wedding. This consists of the reception photography, speeches, very first dance, bouquet toss, garter toss, cake cutting and departure of the bride and groom.  

three. Get Advantage of Sentimental Moments:

See oneself as a unique story teller. Uncover the emotion, the enjoyment, the enjoy that tells the story of the day. This is bound to show up in your photos and make for a attractive portfolio for future weddings and activities. There is very little more effective than word-of-mouth. Previous to you know it, word will get about that you are the prime-notch photographer and you'll be on a roll to achievements.  

4. Arrive Ready with Adequate Equipment:

It is really been stated all you really have to have is a tight box with a pinhole and one thing to act as a shutter and a sheet of film.Wedding Photography

Digital Photography--How to Capture Best Photographs

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With the public attention towards digital cameras, the art of photography is brought to the forth. Everyone at the moment can be photographers by themselves. That explains why many are into digital photography tips. Just think how enjoyable it can be to freeze a minute in the pass. It is really capturing. Now for amateur photographers or photography lovers, you might be searching for ways regarding how to improve and record the perfect snapshots.

Photography is far more than simply point and click. It is an art that conveys a tale. So when that story is preserved in stillness you may then hold the best photograph.

PHOTOGRAPHY--How to Capture Best Digital Photographs

The most effective photography tips on how to capture a best photograph is familiarizing the digital camera. You must learn exactly what the features of the machine you are handling. Camera's are the photographer's canvass. It's in which they should paint their beautiful masterpieces. Not only beautiful but memorable and worth-treasuring too. So similar to a painter, a photography hobbyist should appreciate his canvass. Getting accustomed to your camera is one method of learning the things you can do with it. And through that you will be able to increase the ability of your camera to seize best photographs.

Understanding the technicalities in photography is also a point to consider to seize the best photographs. Some points you should research on are photography terms such as angling, lighting, aperture, shutter speed, filters, lenses and more. Fundamental idea of these intricacies can help you producing your best snapshots. So it's great to look for photography basics and familiarize them.

Now, you've known your camera and you have familiarized the intricacies, the next step to do is get out there and start getting snap shots. When you get pictures, you should consider one of several golden rules for the best photo. The photograph needs to tell a story. You could choose a dull bottle for a subject or perhaps a trash can empty of craps, it's just okay. There are stories in those subjects too and that you are inspired to catch.

And one last item, do not force yourself to get the best photographs because doing so might end up a crap. In  digital photography , it is good to be care free and experiment in taking a shot of your subject. Relishing it could really help and can turn out providing you with best shots which really can be considered the best photographs.

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Washington DC Event Planning Services -Lotus Production

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Lotus Production is a leading event design and production firm with more than 10 years of experience in corporate and non-profit event management and production throughout the United States. As a boutique Lotus Production Washington DC event planner,   provides personal service, with our president and owner fully accessible and accountable to our clients from the very first meeting to post-event review.

Lotus Production Washington DC Event Planning Expertise 

Our creative, professionally trained and detailed-oriented staff is the perfect extension to your planning team.

Every event is customized to meet the particular needs of your audience including: 

  • Conferences
  • Trade shows & expositions 
  • Executive meetings 
  • Sales and training meetings 
  • Leadership retreats 
  • Award receptions 
  • Product launches 
  • Galas 
  • Fundraisers   

Lotus Production Event Planners USA is a full-service event planning company dedicated to fulfilling and exceeding all special event needs for Corporate clients. We have expertise in site selection, menu development, decor and design, audio/visual equipment, and entertainment which allows us to create memorable event experiences that yield success. We have a wide reach in servicing cities especially around Washington DC, Delaware, Virginia and Maryland.
Types of Events
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Policy Forums
  • Annual Galas
  • Conferences/Tradeshows
  • Grand Openings
  • Seated Dinners
  • Restaurant Buyouts
  • Networking Receptions
  • Product Launches
  • Client Appreciation
  • Corporate Anniversaries
  • Team Building

we glance forward to talking with you. We are primarily based in Virginia, simply outside Washington, DC. we tend to most often shoot in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland however we are happy to travel.

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List of cites we serve :

Virginia: Virginia | Norfolk | Chesapeake | Richmond | Arlington | Newport News | Hampton | Alexandria | Portsmouth | Roanoke | Lynchburg | Centreville | Dale City | Reston
Delaware: Wilmington | Dover | Newark | Pike Creek | Brookside | Claymont | Wilmington Manor | Milford | Seaford | Middletown | Smyrna | Edgemoor | Georgetown | New Castle
West Virginia: Charleston | Huntington | Parkersburg | Wheeling | Morgantown | Weirton | Fairmont | Beckley | Clarksburg | Martinsburg | Saint Albans | Bluefield | Virginia
Maryland: Baltimore | Columbia | Silver Spring | Ellicott City | Germantown | Dundalk | Rockville | Gaithersburg | Frederick | Bowie | Towson | Aspen Hill | Bethesda | Potomac
Washington D.C. Area

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