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Wedding Bouquet Flowers for Happily Ever After - Wedding Flower Ideas


Flowers in different forms can also be used optimally, such as fresh flowers, dried flowers, silk flowers, handmade flowers, or paper flowers. The idea behind it is, flowers should not lose their identity in any form so that their beauty and its etiquettes are truly maintained and enhanced in all forms.

The thought process behind a Wedding Photographer bouquet, is always to keep it simple and at the same time quiet endorsing. To be on the safer side the flowers can be categorised according to the season in which the wedding is taking place. Suppose if the wedding is taking place, in summer season then go for flowers like marigolds, casual and colourful zenias, frisky white lilies, and sunshine daffodils. These flowers can be used as wrapped in a bunch with ribbons, crinkled paper, dried flowers and some wild flowers. The purpose is that the bouquet does not gets over crowded or the charm of the flowers gets hampered. In winters roses give the best option for all kind of weddings. Pink and white roses covered with white ribbons and pearls make any wedding priceless to remember. 

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Theme weddings give all the options to explore all options of the flowers vividly. In a Hawaiian wedding, bouquets can be made from grass, orchids, wild flowers, makena, aloha nui etc. And on the other hand in an American themed wedding we can use flowers like Allium, Anemone, Amaryllis, Bouvardia etc. One can compliment these flowers with various accessories, like pearls, diamonds, broaches, ferns, dried leaves etc.

Flower bouquets also can also cost much on your pocket, so one can choose from the most exotic flowers like: Casablanca Lily, Gardenia, Hydrangea, Lily, Lisianthus, Orchid, Peony, Rose, Stephanotis, or Tulips.

If we want economical and pocket friendly options, we can go in for the following varieties of flowers- roses, garden lilies, carnations, hydrangea, marigold, dahlia, petunia etc. Theses verities can be beautified by using some wild verities of flowers and paper, ferns, nets, nylons, ribbons and silks.

We can also bridal bouquets by using silk flowers, fake flowers and handmade flowers depending upon the demand and the supply. Apart from the bride's bouquet, the bride's maid bouquet can consist of pomanders, also called flower balls, which consists of a ball of flowers, finished with an elegant ribbon, which makes it easy to hold. A basket full of flowers and petals is also an economic option for the bride's maids.

Thus, flowers enhance the glory and aura of any wedding and enlighten the spirits of not only the bride but also spreads happiness to all the family and friends creating a "Happily Ever After".


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